Friday, June 6, 2014

Where should you stay?

Personality creates big impact in life. You will see, some people can say anything, like teasing others, making fun of people, using nasty words etc and people don’t mind. In other way you will also see you don’t like some peoples talk without any reason. May be the way they talk, or their personality.

We should know what our situation is. Like my son saw a girl was crying without any reason, but her mom run after her and loving her to stop her cry. When my son did same, she became very angry and scolds him. My son surprised. I wanted to explain this to my son, then thought, let him find it in his own way.

May be you like some group of people, but before you speak, you should know whether they like you too or not. If they don’t, you better leave. No matter how much you like or dislike your surroundings, if they like you, you should enjoy your time with them. They deserve your company and you deserve their love. Always respect love…
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