Friday, July 4, 2014

New place for better life...

Everyone wants a better place to live. Some give emphasis on where they can live with their relatives, some on better life style, some on better weather, some on better income, better food... all wants something better. Some don't care where they are. They just expend their life wherever they born. Some wish to have better life, but couldn't find a path to go out.

No matter what issues we have, we want something better. Some people wishes for better life, but actually they don't do anything, or anything strongly. Only wishing isn't a solution. We have to act hard. Though we don't know whether we are taking the right choice or not.

Many people go abroad, or go to town to change their luck. But many of them lost all and had to come back to the previous place. And they found, actually they had some opportunity at previous place, outside world is more difficult live.

Some don't care, where they came, they just stick there and do hard work to change their life. And they truth is, these are the successful people. Who can fix their luck.
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