Monday, August 4, 2014


My mom and my son waiting for food in a marriage ceremony

Waiting for anything is really tough. But we don’t have choice. My son faces big trouble when he had to wait for new toy, outing etc. Somehow he manages these problems. But he can’t wait for food. If anyhow he thinks that he is hungry, food has to be served in short time. This is not possible always.

When we join any celebration, we had to wait for food. It’s up to them, when they will serve us food. But it’s very difficult for my son. He started asking why they are delaying, why this delay. I couldn't find any way to stop him. Others will think, he is hungry and will eat a lot. But this is only for waiting, he can’t wait for food. When food arrives, sometimes within a minute he says, I am full, no more food.
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