Saturday, September 13, 2014

Kitchen smoke from other’s flat

Living problem in Dhaka city is very common scenario. To solve this problem (and for business too) many housing companies are buying lands and old houses and they are making high rise flats. Dhaka city is now becoming the slams of too many flats. Here slams means flats are built (earlier) too congested. Generally kitchen of all flats kept in same place. So that kitchen smoke won’t disturb others rooms. It’s good.

Here new situation arises. In Bangladesh there are some different food habits in different area. Some people like more spice, some like to burn vegetables, chilies, dried fish etc to cook. Can you imagine what kind of smoke those create?  Where they go? They may go out through window then goes inside other window of other flat. Those people may not habitat with this kind of food. What is the situation then? Many times I had to face trouble in kitchen while I didn’t make these smoke.

Kitchen chimney isn't in cheap price in Bangladesh. It’s really difficult and costly to maintain. So, how can we get rid of this situation? No idea…
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