Friday, September 19, 2014

Some suggestion for a cook book or magazine

1. I like to see traditional recipe with new recipe, which is very helpful for new cook like me.

2. Good picture of decoration or presentation of the food.

3. Some easy to make recipe with tough one.

4. Occasion wise recipe.

5. Different section of food, like time wise (breakfast, lunch, snacks, school Tiffin etc)

6. Sometimes like recipe book (drinks, fish, rice etc)

7. Tips for both kitchen, cooking etc
8. Diet chart for different age people

9. Sometimes different countries food recipe

10. Interview of chefs with a recipe

11.  as you already made a journey through Bangladesh for different area’s food which can be included here one after another.

12. Interior decoration of kitchen.

13. Tips for first aid for common kitchen injury, like burn, cut, scratch etc.

14.  Menu for different occasion small or big with recipe.

I think I have already made a big list, which are very common and everybody knows about these
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