Thursday, September 25, 2014

Take some dry food and water with you when you go to any office for any service

Whenever you go to any office for any service take some dry food and water. Because you never know how long they will keep you waiting. It could be 5 minutes to 15 hours. And you can’t go out always to take food from a Queue. This tip is really very helpful if you have any work in government office.

Yesterday I was standing in a Queue for 1 hour because of power fail. They left the desk because server was shut down. After one hour electricity came but the desk man left for lunch. He came back after half an hour (didn't take much time for lunch, I must say) and again left for toilet. Again I had to go to other desk and found that person left for lunch and he went to his house. After one hour of waiting someone suggest I could go to other desk instead of waiting.... I expended a long day without food and water. Didn't want to take any chance to lose any person who might come back anytime after their breaks.
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