Friday, October 10, 2014

Parents also need good guiding

Before becoming a mother I never understood that parents are like God to the kids. They are actually creating the kids life, from childhood to adult. In the Indian sub-continent, parents influence their kid's life till death.

So, every single decision for a kid is very important. One step can totally change your kid’s life. Let me give some examples. A mother may take her son to a singing school in his childhood, and later that may become the life changing event. That boy may become a good singer.

You may plan to make your kid scholar, so you may keep pushing your kid for study and never let go for other activity... later that boy may become arrogant that he doesn't like to study at all and may never be good at any other work.

You may think too much love may destroy your kid's future... but later lack of love may made him to choose alone life.

So, there is no option to make mistake... Well no body do this kind of mistake intentionally. But parents need good guiding (from media, government etc) a lot, to make the right decision for their kid.

We can't forget that the kids are the future of our nation...
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