Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Patient for photography

When visit to a beautiful place we always like to take a picture of it. So, that it will become a good memory to share with friends and family. We like it. Do we like that too when others are taking pictures, doesn't seem so. In many places I have faced problem while taking a snap.

When you see a person taking a picture of something do you really need to cross him/her in front of their camera? When you can wait for few seconds or may pass that place behind the photographer? Well all people don’t like to do so. They believe, I am the kind of that place. I can move wherever I like to and whenever I feel good. Who cares about others photography?

In the picture I was taking picture of my son at Baily road. Plenty of space left behind me and I didn't take much time. But still this person couldn't hold himself to meet his other boyfriends, while others were standing for some moment for mother child photography. Good for me that my son showed enough patients that I could take another snap for him.
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