Friday, November 21, 2014

I wish I could get everything that I wish for

When I was a kid (even now), whatever beautiful things I saw, wish to have them… But I knew, our parent won’t afford all or any. So, mostly I didn’t ask anyone to give me those. Even now I don’t ask anyone to give me anything (if by mistake I did, nobody gives any). All can’t be wrong with me, maybe I have some personality problem that when I ask for anything, nobody feels to give that (no matter how cheap or easy things to give).

My son doesn’t think much about these. Whatever he likes he asks me to give him that. As I already faced this cruel world, I don’t say NO to him.  I always say “Yes/OK”, but can’t give on that spot. Later whenever I can I try to give him that. And when he gets it he understands that his mom is very sincere about this matter.

Let me give an example. Once in the shopping mall he saw a Christmas tree and asks me to give those colorful balls which are used for decoration with the tree. Later from Mina Bazaar (as far as I remember) I bought a set of those balls for him… he played with them as they were not that much strong, most of them are broken now. But I kept my promise.
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