Monday, December 22, 2014

Looking at other's plate

Whenever I go to a restaurant for food, I try to take something with regular (which is tasted previously). I like to taste different food. They might have more tasty food, which I don't want to miss by taking regular one. I keep something regular as a backup food, because, if we can't eat the new one, we will have something to eat (at least).

I tasted food from Salt Grill (at Bashundhora City Complex) before, and except "Chicken Salad" and Fruit Juice, I didn't like anything from them. This time my son was very encouraged by their play ground. So, he pulled me over there. And look over others what are they taking (I needed to decide what can be good to eat) and then ordered "Chicken Masala Dosa". For the first time I took decision on food by looking at other's plate. And yes, it was a good trick. I mean it worked! This item of food was great! 
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