Sunday, January 18, 2015

Best compliment

I was preparing my son (6 years old) to go to bed, he suddenly told me, "When we all will die and Allah will judge us, Allah will tell you that you have taken a very good care, feed me well, clean up me well, gave a lot of love. And will keep you on the flower".

I really became speechless. This is the best complement that I ever heard.

I always love people, and never bother whether they return me anything or not. Because when I expect and they don't respond that hurts. I always felt, it’s my duty to take good care of others as much as possible, because, in my heart, I always like to have care. It's not in my hand what other will give me, but my part. So, I am always sincere in my work, no matter whatever I do. In work, at home, as a mother, as sister, as a daughter, as a manager, as a freelance or as a lover I always give effort to make it better as much as possible. I may not able to satisfy all... at least my son truly believes that I did well. Thanks son. Allah may always keep you well.

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