Monday, February 9, 2015

Now Shafeen don't like winter

Last year, my son said to his class (nursery) that his favorite season is winter, because he likes show fall. Though he never bin in a place where snow falls. He saw it only in TV and internet. We are living in Bangladesh, a tropical country. So, here winter is a small season, and temperature never gone below 0 Celsius.

But this year we faced some cold wind blows. Shafeen (my 6 years old son) really face trouble while go to school in the morning and also attending his classes. While walking towards his school he told me several times, "My hand and nose are freezing".

So, when his new class teacher (My son is now in KG1) asked her class, "Do you like winter?" all answered, "NO! We like summer". I am pretty sure; they are going to change their mind in summer ;)
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