Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Mangrove forest in Taiwan...

I was watching in TV, about a tour in Taiwan. There I have seen at the middle of the Taiwan they have mangrove forest. When I was watching, I felt it just look like Sundorbon. Well all mangrove forest are look almost same. The tourist guide was informing that, they were not aware about saving this mangrove forest before. But now, they are including the inhabitant of nearby areas in awareness to save this kind of forest for their own good.

Here I miss Bangladesh. We really need good policy and clear vision how we are going to save our forest. Like,

The people, who lives on this forest wood, we should give them some alternative work, so that they don't have to rely on forest 100%. So, they will do less destructive work in forest.

We have to stop, at least minimize illegal tree destroying. Only good Government can make this happen.

With environmentalist, animal specialist and relative experts, we have to make policy to save this forest.

Have to stop every on going work, which is destroying the forest.

Have to make good plan for making good path to limited visitors movement in the forest. And have to give them good idea, how to visit the forest without making any harm to it.

Well every single idea needs time to make policy and apply... but we have to start it...
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