Saturday, November 7, 2015

In transaction mod

Started new life, in new country, new home, new job, new food, new weather... sometimes I think how I am doing this? Actually I am passing through where I don't know what's in the end. So, feeling excited to pass through it. Sometimes became dishearten, again make up myself depend blindly on Allah. Let's see what’s coming next.

I really surprise with Shafeen's ability. He is fighting to adjust himself in this country. New classmates, don't have good idea in language, new problems in school, new lessons, alone at home. He is facing much more trouble than me. But without any complain he is adjusting with everything. I am try to be with him (Mentally) as much as possible. Trying to help him (By giving idea) to solve his problems...

He is in big transaction mod. I hope everything will became easy and smooth with us.
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