Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Canadian's can also make rally

In Bangladesh, the most common thing to express people's (A group of people) feeling is making a rally on the road (Off course by blocking the traffic of the road). Like to express joy (Winning any cup in sports), making any demand, showing togetherness (During election), Showing anger etc. People get together and then they make rally.

I thought this only happens in Bangladesh. And I was wrong. Canadian's can also make rally on different purpose. I have seen it.

One day I was in downtown and walking from one office to another for some work. Then heard some noise of flute and drum. Then I found some group of people walking with placard and flute and walking on the footpath, then another group of people came, and then another group. They were making the rally on the footpath. Through the placard, I got know that they are demanding to stop privatization of their company. While they needed to cross the road, they stopped and maintain the traffic light (Didn't block the road) and then again when they got to go sign, they start moving.

I must say, this was a very gentle way to express their opinion the authority...