Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Trust nobody

A journalist asked to one of the richest persons of this world, to know how she became so successful. She replied, “Trust nobody. If you have no choice, then trust for some time.”

I think this is really a very important message to the company holders. You shouldn’t trust anybody blindly in your company. Sometimes senior workers earned your trust. But they will also become experts on what you think in which situation. So that they can easily do their things where you have no idea. They can place traps for other newbies whom they don’t like and make them looser in front of you, as they know for which situation you will be mad at them. If you trust blindly, you will become a doll for them, with whom they can easily play and made instruction about what they want.

So again trust nobody, if you have to trust then trust for limited of time. Always try to check everything (Randomly) of your company by yourself.
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