Friday, March 24, 2017

Why cooking is so interesting to me?

I love my profession as a cook. I like to taste different cuisines from different continents. That's why when I was in school, I used to cook different kinds of food from a cook book, very weekend. My guinea pigs were my family members. They loved to be my guinea pigs, though sometimes I served them under cooked foods. May be this is the reason, that no body encourage me to take cooking as a profession. So, as I loved to taste food, I started liking cooking.

I landed in Canada at 2015 as a permanent resident with my family. One of friend suggested I should start my career over here, wherever I get a chance; later by taking certificates and volunteer jobs I should go for my dream job. So, at first, I was looking for any job. Luckily a Thai restaurant around my neighborhood was looking for kitchen staff. I went there and got a job as a cook. The owner was very generous with me and gave training with all kitchen staff. Now I am working in both and Indian and English food restaurant, and at McDonald's as a part time cook. So, in Canada I became a cook!

In future, I would like to be a restaurant manager. I am not planning to have my own restaurant, because after work, I want to give more time to my family too. To become a better cook, I have taken "Food Safety First" level 1 course. Now I am planning to take a level 2 course. I also plan to take a journeyman cooking certificate. I like my profession and I like to do well in it.
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