Thursday, March 15, 2007

Miss understanding in relation

I am very friendly (at least i think so). Always talk and behave with boys and girls same (almost). No matter he/she is my friend, colleague, friend’s friend, relative, class mate etc. Now if any one takes it other way then that should not be my fault. And I shouldn’t change my behavior with him/her on basis of what he/she thinking.

Many times I found boys think I fall in love with him. It doesn’t mean I have to react on it. If he things so then it’s their problem. I like to meet and talk with him as before, friendly. I am a well wisher to all and always want well to all. I don’t play with any one’s heart. I hate it.

Many times I found that girls’ things I am moody. It’s not true. I like to listen and then talk; if not needed I don’t speak. Less speaking style shouldn’t be taken as moody girl. This situation makes me little changed. Now a day, I try to talk more, but always try be aware that I am not making bore any one.
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