Monday, May 21, 2007

Road cutting in Dhaka city

This is very common scenario for the inhabitants of the Dhaka city. Whole year, some where of the road in the city you will find some road cutting is going on. And you will see this more during the rainy season.

We have seen, road are cut one day (actually take several days to cut the total road) and keep this for days. After that some work taken place on this road. Again authority keeps the road on that condition, cut and open. And finally authority took long time to repair. And the repairmen aren’t very good. A car jerks terribly when it pass the road

This shouldn’t continue. Road shouldn’t be cut long time ago before start the work, and it should be done part by part. No need to cut whole long road at a time. Authority should cut the road only that part and after complete the work they should repair it properly immediately. Then cut next part of the road.
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