Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Unless I need it

Generally I don’t take other’s favor, unless I need it desperately. But it’s true, if anyone does some thing for me, it’s really giving me very pleasure. And I know, in my mind I always like to have help from others.
And I help other, if I can. I do it as much possible, without making any harm for my self. Like when I reach at home, I feel very tired after giving 13/16 hours to office. But still I do work unless I feel that I don’t any energy to move.
In my holidays, my heart want to do a deep sleep at day time. But I don’t, I woke up in the morning and work at home till 1pm generally. Then take break till asar prayer.

But as usual, people never see what I do, they always scream what I didn’t do. Lets think as they wish. I will do for every one, though they thanks me or not. I know I am trying my best.
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