Monday, November 26, 2007

My opinion

It’s actually person’s own power to convince other people. A big example is political leader. They can convince many people.

I am not thinking in that broad area. I have heard in my child hood if anybody denied my opinion I started crying which was very difficult to stop. Like many other child.
Then after growing up, I express my opinion to only those persons who listen to me. If I anyhow I found this person is not going to listen my concept or won’t follow it, I didn’t tell anything to them. Why should I?

Now what I am started to do is always expressing my thoughts, opinion, suggestions…. Now, it’s up to the listeners, whether they will listen to me or not. If they don’t then fine, and later when they really face the problem as I warned, I don’t go to them to memorize that you didn’t listen to me when I gave you alert. I know they already can understand that. So, why should I show them down?
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