Friday, December 28, 2007

Using cosmetics

In my childhood I was fond of cosmetics. My mom gave her old makeup box and lipstick to me to play. I kept those with my toys. And in every occasion take some make up. I looked horrible. But I didn’t care.

After grew up, I made up my mind I won’t get marry. So stop doing the things which may attract boys. I leave cosmetics. I became very simple women, with no makeup and ornaments.

But time changes. Now my husband wants me to take care of my skin and others. Hmm, a bit difficult for me. I have some new cosmetics which I get in my marriage. But don’t get time to practice on it. So, whenever any occasion or function comes I get chance to do some practice on makeup. And I do sometimes looks ok, sometimes not. I hope I am not giving pain to the persons who are looking at me.
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