Thursday, April 3, 2008

A hijack story

A girl was standing over main road of Gulshan Avenue infront of ‘South East’ bank. This is a place where a road is joining with the Gulshan Avenue. Traffic police and Sergeant both were available. She was looking for a cng auto rickshaw or black cab. But for long time couldn’t found any. Then she an auto rickshaw coming, that stopped before reaching her places. 3 boys get down and paid. Then the auto was coming to her slowly. In the mean time those boys come to her place walking and talk with a guy who was standing on the grass beside the footpath of the girl. Then they go away. That cng auto rickshaw came to her and said he doesn’t know the place where she wants to go but he agree to take her and with condition that she will pay more whatever comes from the rating miter. She agree to give 10tk extra. She sat and cng start going with the bypass road and stopped in front of a small pan-biri shop, driver said to the girl that he needs to take water to drink. He goes down and drink water, on that time a traffic police was also taking cigarette. Again cng start going and when it was in front of Serenia building it stopped again and driver was claiming that auto is showing some problem, again he take an start and stopped. In the mean time he was scolding the auto by saying “tor mayre chudi”. Suddenly a man holds mouth and nose of the girl with a piece of cloth. She was fighting to take some breath while that guy pushes her inside and take a sit. Another 2 guy get inside. One sit on the girl, another sit beside her. They start biting on her head and were telling not to move and scream. If she made noise they will kill her with knife and pistol. Girl stops moving, they hold her tightly and take her inside Gulshan between 1 and 2 and were driving in several roads. Boyes take all money, cell phone, cables (cell phone and mp3) and jewelries and put ointment in her eyes before they left her on a road of Gulshan 2.
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