Saturday, August 23, 2008

How to eat food in Bangladesh

Though Bangladeshi people think they are happy (more or less) and honest people, I think this doesn’t goes for the Bangladeshi business man’s at all. Especially who are involved in food business? Even who are in very route level, who supplies fruits and vegetables. Most of the food which produced in the factory is using wasted materials, dangerous chemicals, and harmful things. Like in cake, bread, biscuit, wheat, baby food, sweets etc. They are producing those in dirty place, with dirty hand. People mixing unhygienic chemicals in the fruits, vegetable, fish to make it look better, but which causes very bad impact with the human body. People bringing foreign biscuit, chocolate, juice etc which expire date is over, then by changing the date they sale it in Bangladesh. They don’t care what will happen with people who are eating it. You can see no humanity in them. But what will you do? What will you eat? How will you survive?

If government people make charge (very small amount) they give that (may be) then again continue in same way. They don’t afraid of law people. They don’t need to care about them (may be law isn’t strong enough to stop them) they are just doing whatever bring them money. And nothing is there to stop them.
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