Monday, November 3, 2008

Origin of some criminals

In urban areas, special in Dhaka, Bangladesh, there are lots of people who are living on road or in a very poor condition in slam area. These people don’t have any proper life style or mentality to live, especially about their sex relation. Women has husband but they don’t stay with them regularly. They came, do sex, take money from her whatever they can and then leave. Start living with other women. By this time their wife gets pregnant. Generally they don’t use any birth protection. And every year these women birth children. Then they grow up on the road. From the very beginning they learn how to beg, still, tell lie, use wrong words, making people fool. After that they learn how to hijack, murder etc. Some of these children start working in a very child age, some continue with that, some again goes in wrong way. When they are at 13/14 years old, you can see, for a very small reason they start killing their friend like a professional murderer. When they grow up becomes more dangerous in criminal world. Some may join in direct politics. How much we can expect from them?

The town never takes these peoples responsibility and neither tries to prevent these situations. And situation gets worse and worse. Not all are becoming criminal. Some becomes rickshaw puller, some do other business but again their children are in the same situation. When they become old stay on road side and do begging.
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