Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Vision institute

When you do study or do job, there must be a vision about your institute in your mind. When I had admitted in Geography & Environment Department at Dhaka University, my vision is to go abroad (India) as a study tour. Coz, I didn’t have money to go or didn’t had anyone to take with. I heard that our senior batches went to India. But my bad luck, our batch couldn’t. May be we didn’t had any good responsible person who will manage this tour for our batch.

Before joining Corona Skyweb BD Ltd. (my first job), I had a vision that I won’t leave this company and will go to a big position and do very good in this company. But within one year I had to look for better opportunity.

I have seen many friends and colleagues, whose vision comes true. May be some day I will have too.
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