Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A day when I was sick

Yesterday, from the morning I became sick. High fever came out, with pain in every parts of my body. My husband gave me pain killer then went to office. I just wanted to sleep and take rest in the bed. But I can't. I have a small boy (1 year and 2 months old) who needs his mom every single minute. I had to wash his bottles, change his wet nappy, feed him in every 2 hours, give him medicine for cold, look after him that he cant touch any harmful thing etc. My mom cook food and bring it to my room to help me. She also took my son some times to give me rest. My sisters consult with doctors (my another sister and her husband) and give me medicine. And some times take care of my son. I called my husband when pain was too much that I can't resists. Then found he went to his aunt's house. Anyway he also asked my sisters to take care of me over cell phone. Today I am feeling better. That's why could come online. I don't want to be sick, because that directly effect to my son. I couldn't give hims shower and couldn't cook food for him.
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