Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cooking food

When I was a student, I didn't like to cook food. It was pleasure to eat food not cooking. Well I always love to eat food. Who doesn't? After starting my own home with my son I started cooking food. And I found it's really fun! Anything you want to eat, just cook it. It's pleasure, whenever I think to cook food, start feeling good. I love to eat and cook. Then I thought why I didn't like to cook before? 

There are few big reason. In our country people don't give any honor which women cook food at home. People use to eat and enjoy and relax at home and don't want to give any help to the women who is cooking. Here she has to cook every meal from scratch everyday. She doesn't have any time for her or for her baby. Even if people found any mistake at food they became very rude to her. Her life like second citizen. No body is going to help her but everyone will take benefit of her work.

The place of cooking, is more poor than any room of the house. That is small, dirty, poor lighting system, unhealthy. But most of the time women has to stay there.

And another reason is my mother doesn't like to cook, so watching her face, automatically I started hating cooking.

And it's good to cook for myself but not for 100 people. That is big work, and need more hand in kitchen which is not available.

When any couple cook both at the same time, they will found it fun, pleasure and romantic. If one cook and another watch TV then it's bitter. So enjoy cooking and enjoy both.
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