Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Onus enterprise

We (me and my husband) created Onus Enterprise's web site. Owner of this company was my online friend.
Here I did all planning, communication and programming part and my husband Faisal did all planning and developing of designing part. Here I am giving a snap short of home page of the site.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

All facilities to other district

You can't imagine how population is booming up in Dhaka, Bangladesh. If you just look around, you won’t find any single place where no person is gathering. And day by day it’s increasing. Now question is why. Most facilities a person can have are in Dhaka. And in some cases people had to come to Dhaka to do their work. And this is became a tradition too. If you have money, can afford to live Dhaka, will come and start living over here. All best school, college and university are in Dhaka. 

We should change these trends. We should build all government offices to all main districts in Bangladesh so that people won’t be bound to go to Dhaka to do their work. And all work should be able to do online so that they can use internet and make their work online from home.
Internet connection should be cheaper.
All kind of living facilities should be providing in all major district.
Communication by roads, rail or plane should increase and make it cheap and good quality.
Big shopping malls should create.
Make more facilities in travel spots and make communication infrastructure easier with good advertisement.
And mostly urban area should be built by good urban planning.

And above all we should upgrade life standard of other districts. Roads, electricity, water, gas etc should be available.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sample Project proposal for OFA

Once upon a time, I made this project proposal for OFA. Please have a look.


  1. Introduction
  2. Site Map
  3. Site Details
xyz company is committed to provide cutting edge business solutions to manage the explosion of data in the expanding global community. The company endeavors to exceed its clients' expectations of competence, performance, delivery schedule and value for money, such that they take pride in ownership of xyz’s products and the company becomes their 'Natural Choice' for repeat business.
Old Faujians Association (OFA) is an alumni organization of an alumni organization of ex-cadets of Faujdarhat Cadet Collage. The objective of building this site is to provide the opportunity to all Old and New Faujians to bond with each other. 

Home Page:
Here viewer will have two options to view the site, With Flash and Without Flash. So, there will be two home pages. One is with flash and another is without flash. There are some links in the home page. Like:
  1. Our Founder
There will be a flash animated picture of William Maurice Brown (1910 - 1975) and a short description about his life and his work.
  1. Birth Day Wish
  2. About us
    1. Constitution
    2. Record Book
    3. Landmark event
    4. Central Governing Body
    5. Dhaka Chapter
    6. Chittagong Chapter
    7. North America Chapter
  3. About FCC
    1. Principals
    2. Location
                         i.      World’s Map
1.      Bangadesh’s Map
a.       City Map
                                                                  i.      Area Map
    1. Virtual Tour
    2. Activities
    3. Admission
  1. Contact Us
    1. Central Governing Body
                                                              i.      Email Compose Form
    1. Dhaka Chapter
                                                              i.      Email Compose Form
    1. Chittagong Chapter
                                                              i.      Email Compose Form
    1. North America Chapter
                                                              i.      Email Compose Form
  1. Photo Gallery
    1. Reunion 1993
                                                              i.      Email Compose Form
    1. Reunion 1998
                                                              i.      Email Compose Form
    1. Free Friday Clinic
                                                              i.      Email Compose Form
    1. Convention & Election 2004
                                                              i.      Email Compose Form
  1. Newsletter
    1. List of Newsletter
                                                              i.      Newsletter
    1. Search Newsletter
    2. Calendar of  events
    3. Account’s login
                                i.      Admin
1.      Add account info
2.      View account info
                                                            ii.      User
                           1.      View account info
    1. Directory
                              i.      List of Batches
1.      Individual batch list
a.       Detail member info
                              ii.      Update profile
                              iii.      New member
1.      Member form
                              iv.      Search member
1.      Search list
a.       Detail member info
  1. Career Center
    1. Job openings
                              i.      List of job
                              ii.      Post a job
    1. Resume banks
  1. OFA Award
  2. Get an email address
  3. Check mail
  4. Contribute to OFA
  5. Opinion poll
  6. Latest news
  7. Ticker with logos

Friday, November 26, 2010

Rash hour going on

I have lots of things to do and lots of responsibilities to complete. Oh Allah, I don't know whether I will be capable to do all in my life or not. I just hope my son won't face any problem because of these work pressure.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

General Price quotation

This is a sample price quotation
General Price quotation

Price per page (Bangladeshi currency)
Domain Name & Hosting (USA Server):
Site Development:

  1. Home page without flash
  1. Flash intro
  1. Dynamic Page (depends on modules)
  1. Static Page (Inner side)

Site Maintenance:
15% of total cost (per year)

Development Tools
Following software and tools will be used for developing:

  • Language: ASP, JavaScript, VBScript
  • Data Base: MS Access
  • Designing tools: Flash MX 2004, Adobe Photoshop CS (version 8), Adobe Illustrator CS
  • Editing tools: Dream Weaver MX 2004, Edit plus.


  • As we couldn’t access at dynamic pages or member area for password protection, we couldn’t get information how many dynamic options at this site, please provide this information.
  • After registration what facilities will have a member?
  • After login, what option will be given to a member?
  • Please give us a testing user id and password to view its functionality of member area. Coz, some pages have login option that we couldn’t view.
  • If you already hosted and have domain you don’t need to pay for Domain and Hosting registration.
  • Do you have any reference site to follow design and color combination?
  • Are you going to provide all pictures and text?
  • If you like to create Spanish site we need text in Spanish too.

Terms & Conditions

  • If you like to develop the site only in English, developing cost will reduce.
  • All prices are negotiable, except Domain registration and Hosting.
  • 50% of the total cost has to pay with the signing of work order.
  • All information has to provide in word documents both English and Spanish
  • All pictures will be given by scanning.
  • Web site Development will start after signing work order

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Let’s get rid of all negativity

People’s negative work, thoughts and attitude really disturbs me a lot. I just want to get rid of all those things. But you know I am not in heaven that whatever I thought will happen. If somehow I avoid one, another new comes. I am trying my best to handle those all. I think my mental pressure is disturbing my physical condition. Now I got headache. I took Tab Napa, hope it will work soon.

Monday, November 22, 2010

I have seen Mount Everest

Mount Everest, the highest mountain of the earth. It's in Nepal. In our honeymoon I planned to visit 3 countries, India, Nepal and Bhutan. Actually this was a package offer of a tourist company. From Darjeeling, India we went to see Kanchenjunga (3rd highest mountain) from Tiger Hill. From Tiger hill, for the first time I saw the head of Mount Everest. One tourist guide showed us. Beautiful!
We entered Nepal by road from India; the border area is called Kakorvita.  From here we went to Pokhra. On the way to Pokhra, we saw above the clouds, the mountain range of Himalaya. We thought we will see Everest or some part of Himalaya later. But actually that was the end of mountain viewing. I couldn't image that the mountain could be this much beautiful. As long as we could see were watching mountains from bus. Awesome!

The picture I have given is the Mount Everest at moon light.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Taking drugs open

When we were in Kolkata, India, several times I have seen people are injecting themselves probably taking drugs in open area at day time. I have seen this on the footpath of free school street, near fireguard office. People who were taking drugs seem day labor. On that street there is a school too. It's not a good environment for children. 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Friday, November 19, 2010

Some good and not good things about Kolkata

I had visited Kolkata, India for 7 days and got some good and other memories. Let’s share with you.

In the Kolkata airport my husband got some bad experience. I think people should well behave with other country's guest. We were standing on the SAARC countries row and my husband didn't complete the boarding form by mistake. The people from the airport behaved very rudely and ask him to complete the form once again. I think we the tourist giving a lot of money to your country, you should show some good manner to us. This was our very first experience in Kolkata, India.

I liked the taxi system in Kolkata airport. From the airport you can buy ticket to your destination, and then show the ticket to the taxi stand and you will get your taxi. Nice!

Out taxi driver took us to the Hotel VIP. That was little costly for us so I waited in their reception and my husband went out to search more reasonable hotel for us. When he arrive this hotel people help us to go out and put all bags to the taxi. I liked that.

In most places I couldn't found dustbin. People have habit to throw all kind of dirty things to the drain. Sweepers clean drains twice a day regularly that's why city doesn't looks too bad.

We found two kinds of markets over there, one are very costly, should be for elite society and another one is in reasonable price. Many things are cheap than Bangladeshi market. We found KFC, Dominoes are cheaper than Bangladesh. I don't know why.

I have visited Alipur zoo or zoological park; I think Bangladesh's zoo is bigger than this one. But it's more beautiful. I had also visited Birla planetarium, if you go there you better sit at the western side, otherwise wont' see things properly. Again I guess Novo Theater in Bangladesh is better than this one.

My suggestion to the Bangladeshi travelers is you should buy your favorite things which are cheap in Kolkata, then plan to visit places.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Does this name Dallas little similar to Dollar? A name shows money. I got to know about this place by the TV serial "Dallas". I was a very little girl and couldn't understand English, but like to watch them. When they laugh I understood they are happy about it, like that. I still can remember some scenes. I remember JR, Victoria and others faces. I don't know if I get chance to see those serial once again, weather I will love those again or not.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tight, means light

My son (Shafeen, 1 year and 11 months old) loves light. He can't say light, he says tight. That's why people doesn't understand when he says anything about light. Whenever he disturbs or I wanted to get his attention, I show him lights. Same he does also! If anyone come our home after long time, he shows them lights. On the way whenever we saw any good lighting, I show him and he also shows to me too :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Do you know Kolkata

We (me, my husband and Shafeen) are planning to visit Kolkata soon. It's been a long time that we didn't visit any place. It is my husband's idea. So lets go for it.

I don't want to go with any travel package. I had already had enough experience with them. Now I have to plan all by myself. Did you ever visit Kolkata or living in Kolkata? Then please tell me, what are the places where I should go and visit, which are near to each other that I can see easily one after another? What are the good food places? Where I should go for shopping in cheap?

cheap car

For the middle class people, buying a car is a big achievement. Now, what we think when we want to buy? Which one is the cheapest, in good condition etc. There is other thing that we should think also. Buying a car is a  big issue of money and more money you may need for maintenance. And you have to. If you want to keep your car in a road of Dhaka. Where every moment is a risk to be stolen parts or the whole car, scratches, accident etc. So we don't need only cheap car but also cheap maintenance :)