Friday, November 19, 2010

Some good and not good things about Kolkata

I had visited Kolkata, India for 7 days and got some good and other memories. Let’s share with you.

In the Kolkata airport my husband got some bad experience. I think people should well behave with other country's guest. We were standing on the SAARC countries row and my husband didn't complete the boarding form by mistake. The people from the airport behaved very rudely and ask him to complete the form once again. I think we the tourist giving a lot of money to your country, you should show some good manner to us. This was our very first experience in Kolkata, India.

I liked the taxi system in Kolkata airport. From the airport you can buy ticket to your destination, and then show the ticket to the taxi stand and you will get your taxi. Nice!

Out taxi driver took us to the Hotel VIP. That was little costly for us so I waited in their reception and my husband went out to search more reasonable hotel for us. When he arrive this hotel people help us to go out and put all bags to the taxi. I liked that.

In most places I couldn't found dustbin. People have habit to throw all kind of dirty things to the drain. Sweepers clean drains twice a day regularly that's why city doesn't looks too bad.

We found two kinds of markets over there, one are very costly, should be for elite society and another one is in reasonable price. Many things are cheap than Bangladeshi market. We found KFC, Dominoes are cheaper than Bangladesh. I don't know why.

I have visited Alipur zoo or zoological park; I think Bangladesh's zoo is bigger than this one. But it's more beautiful. I had also visited Birla planetarium, if you go there you better sit at the western side, otherwise wont' see things properly. Again I guess Novo Theater in Bangladesh is better than this one.

My suggestion to the Bangladeshi travelers is you should buy your favorite things which are cheap in Kolkata, then plan to visit places.

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