Monday, January 24, 2011

Bangladesh International Trade Fair 2011

me holding Shafeen
Day before yesterday we went to Bangladesh international trade fair 2011 like all previous years. And we face the same problem like other year's fair and like all of the people. It's true that every year systems are improving. But there are still some more things need to be done.

It's a huge fair people wants to buy many things, and major problem is how to carry. When you buy something and that makes your hand full, now you can't look for more or walk for more. Then how can you explore more? Most of the people who go there face this problem. This is also not good for the people who are sitting with goods. 

I think this fair should provide shopping cart or something like that. Or can make a counter where people can drop things and can take away when they want to go home. 

We face this same kind of problem in Basundhora city shopping mall.
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