Friday, January 21, 2011

Food isn't pure

Me and Shafeen eating at the airport restaurant at Dhaka Airport

In Bangladesh, especially in Dhaka, it is very difficult or impossible to eat food which is pure. Business men or their workers don’t hesitate to mix with different kind of things with it. Like color of cloths, iron, brick, stone, Poisson, chemicals, dusts, rotate things etc. They don't care if people live or die, only to sale and make profit of it. Some times company owner even doesn’t know that their workers are buying cheap things and using main company’s package to sell products. Now what will you eat? These kinds of people don’t care for children or sick people. They do this with medicine and baby foods too.

What happen if they got caught? I think these things are slow poisoning to human being to kill them. Our law should make stronger to stop this attitude. They should not respect these people’s money. If you bring them to hand over they will realize what kind of sin they are doing and will stop.

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