Monday, January 31, 2011

Most of the low income women faced problem with their husband

Poor Shafeen

This is became the most common scenario of Bangladesh that most of the low income women (mostly home maid or daily worker) faced problem with their husband. In more cases these husbands don't income or if they earns, don't give a single poisha (Bangladeshi currency) to the family but take all the money from the family what they earned. Some has more than one wife (to income or get money by hook or cook). They go each wife after some time to collect money and also to give birth of children. In future who will earn and then their father will take all.

I think for these women bank should have some account which can be started from a very low amount, so that they can save some money over there which their husband or unwanted person can't touch. When needed they can take from bank.
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