Sunday, January 2, 2011


me at Novo Theater

Me and Shafeen at Kolkata Birla Planetarium

I have seen planetarium or demonstration on stars in 3 places. They are Science Museum at Dhaka, Bangladesh, Novo Theater at Dhaka Bangladesh and Kolkata Birla Planetarium India.

When I was in school, we all student (I think class 5) went to Science museum.  Our math teacher took initiative. To see stars we all sit under a big umbrella one person demonstrate about the stars. Among 3 places this demonstration was the best.

After joining a job, I went Novo Theater. The outer and inner decoration is the best from all planetariums. And I could also view and about Grand Canyon from here. I have heard now they changed this video.

Few days ago I and my family went to Kolkata Birla planetarium. This is smaller than Novo Theater. Decoration is nice. But it has a big problem. If you sit at the east side of the gallery, you will miss all pictures that are shown during demonstration. Because the big machine stands at the middle and all pictures are shown at the west side. Here they start the story from sunset to sun rise. When they made the environment like midnight, my son (Shafeen, 2 years old) fall in deep sleep.

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