Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My pohela boishakh

Me with other colleagues at pohela boishakh

Pohela boishakh means the first day of Bangla calender or bangla new year. Every one enjoys this day. In this day Dhaka city became so crowded that cars can't be ride on the road.

I had brought a special sharee for pohela boiskha from "Mydas" at Uttora. I never seen more beautiful pohela boiskhakhi sharee than this one. I use to wear this in every year at pohela boishak. We Bangladeshi  have a tradition that in pohela boishakh we wear white and red color sharee. Men wear panjabi, basically white color. Now a day children also wears white and red color dresses. To enjoy this festival before pohela boishakh every boutique store opens new design of red and white dress.

Befor buying this sharee my mom gift me a simple red and white sharee and before that I use to use maroon sharee of my mom which is near red. In the above picture you can see that.

When I was in the university once in a pohela boishak me, Ratna and Ruhina went to Ruhina's house to celebrate. In the road we see all are going to the Ranma area by wearing red and white dress and to eat Hilsha fish and water rice. Anyway we enjoyed a lot on that day at Ruhina or shumi's house.

After joinig office our marketing head took us to Ramna and Dhaka University area to show our Indian trainers how we enjoy pohela boishakh. That was another great day.

After marry, me and my husband give a treat to my younger sis and elder sis's son in a Chinese restaurant named "Vooter Adda" means "ghost together". We enjoyed that day also. I didn't know on that time my son was with me ;)
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