Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New color trends for 1st Boishak (Bangla New Year)

Shafeen  celebrating his first pohela boishak

To buy a new dress for my son, we went to Bashundhara City Shopping Complex (biggest market in South Asia), Bangladesh to celebrate pohela Boishakh (1st day of Bangla New Year). At level 7, there is a separate block for Bangladeshi boutique houses with Bangladeshi dresses. That area named “Deshi Dosh”. Generally, in pohela Boshakh, we all wear dresses based on red and white color combination. That’s the traditional color for this ceremony. But this year when I went to Deshi Dosh searching red and white based dress for my son, I found very few. I searched all ten shops but same results were everywhere. I really surprised. Were these shops don’t want to bring collection for pohela Boishak? It’s at 14th April. Is this possible? Then I realize, actually they introduced dressed for pohela Boishak but not in red and white color combination. They use different color. I don’t think this will be a good idea. What they might feel that red and white combination became boring, so people might try something different. But this celebration comes only once in a year and people love to were red and white combination in this special day. If you see Chinese New Year, they use red color everywhere. It’s not boring, it’s the tradition.
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