Monday, April 18, 2011

Start using Bangla Lion Wimax

Shafeen working with PC

My husband brought me new internet connection, Bangla Lion Wimax. The modem cost Tk 1000 (well it was TK 999 but shop keeper didn’t returned TK 1) and monthly line rent TK 300 with some limited bandwidth. I don’t download much.  Only do browsing. So I hope this will be enough for me. Previously I had used Grameen Phone internet connection. Where I had to buy internet sim by TK 1900 and had to pay monthly line rent TK 1000. Speed was ok, but couldn’t browse at afternoon or after sunset. Speed was too slow on that time. Bangla Lion Wimax has better speed in less cost. Let’s see how this make cost effective. I just started to use this new connection.
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