Saturday, June 18, 2011

A perfect cup of tea


A perfect cup of tea has different definition to different people. Some likes black tea, some orange flavored, may be most of the people like milk tea. I like milk tea with zinger flavor. And others (who tested my tea) also liked it, accept one. Making of tea of my version:

1.       Put a mug of water on the hit
2.       Take 30g / a small  piece of ginger and thinly slice them and put them into the water
3.       Boil the water
4.       Give one tea spoon of tea leaf or two tea bags into the boiling water
5.       Slow down your hit and let the tea leaf boil slowly for 5 minutes
6.       Then drain the boiled tea water into your mug
7.       Put milk and sugar as you like. I give one tea spoon of milk powder and 3 tea spoon of sugar in a mug. For a cup just make them half.
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