Saturday, June 4, 2011

Road constructions at monsoon/rainy season

We have the whole year to construct or maintain our roads. But don’t know why all road construction work only happens in the rainy season. Bangladesh is a tropical country. We have got lots of rains in the whole year. Especially in the rainy season. When construction work going on, rain comes and water stands on the roads including construction area. You will see the whole road will look like a lake. So, you don’t know where road is good or where construction work going on. If any how your car drops in the hole, then Allah knows what will happen. Besides this, after construction, before raw materials on the road became dry, rains come and wash away everything.

These construction companies never listen to anyone. If government told them to hold work until the rainy season completes, the held their work for a whole year and again start their work next year’s monsoo
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