Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I need to concentrate

Shafeen my son

I am working hard, for my child, to give him a better life. That’s why; I don’t take any rest at day. Whole day I do only work and work. Only at night I took some time for sleeping. It’s good for my son. For my health also (reduced few pounds I guess), but not for me. My concentration power is going down. Today I couldn’t found milk powder packet. I thought milk is finished, couldn’t give to my son. Then I planned to ask my husband to bring tomorrow. At night suddenly I saw the milk powder packet, in another place (near first place). Another mistake I made yesterday. I always brought baby pant diaper for my son. Yesterday at night my husband found actually I brought simple diaper instead of pants. I just checked the brand and brought it. Actually I didn’t check it carefully. I really am missing my concentration power.
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