Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Try to love your wife, you will happier than anytime in your life.

No matter how ugly, irritating, good for nothing your wife is, love her. At least show her good behave. Complete your duty with her in every aspect. Take good care of her in every way, mentally, physically and socially. Find small things which make her happy. Take her outside with you. A part from kid, give her some time extra.  Do not show your angry face to her. Don’t show her how she is not good in work. Don’t say any bad comment on her physical appearance, color or anything else. If you can’t love her, at least you can do your duties as I mentioned.
Trust me you will be happier than any time of your life if you do so. The healthiest mental exercise is to love your wife. That will make you relax, healthy, bring good mood, good energy for work and finally give you success in life.
 And more over your wife will be happy. She will give you more than you expect. She will start take care of everything that you can’t image. She might change her and make her more beautiful, smart for you. She will try to do special things to make you happy too. That will give you feel like heaven, I am telling you. Love her; she is your family, your life, your kid’s mom, your best friend, your mind sharing person and your mental peace.  Love your wife. Never ignore her or her feelings.
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