Sunday, November 6, 2011

They are hurting my son

My son loves people, especially his relatives, his family members. But do they really care for him? My son needs his family to be with him. Every day he is asking for them. I had to say they are in the work, can’t come to you now. In sleep he is screaming by their name. But what can I do. I asked them 100 times to live with my son but they care for some other family. Sometimes I am feeling that they come to my son in every few days and my son waiting for them and felt bad. If they never come to him then they can’t hurt him this way. Then my son won’t wait for them. If I can’t make them to stay with us then I better make them not to come to my son after one or two week.  If you can stay with us then great otherwise you better not show your face at all.
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