Friday, December 23, 2011

People always forget about my food habit

When you invite someone or any guest came to your home or for any family function or on a special day at home, you made food or special food for everyone. Here you always concern about the food habit of those people for whom you are making foods.

I have allergy problem when I was studying at University. So, long time ago it started, still people who knows me very well forget about my condition or don’t care.

I remember in one Eid, my mom decided to cook Tehary (fried rice with beef) for all. And as I have allergy I can’t eat that. I thought,  at noon, I will go to my elder sister’s house, and will take my lunch. I went and I found she also cooked only rice and beef curry. On that moment I was very hungry and I had no food at all. Then I went to friend Shumi’s house, her house were at Mirpur too and at afternoon she could feed me finally. On that moment I feel that she saved my life with many delicious foods like poloao (fragrant rice), Korma (sweet curry of chicken) and many more things.

After having affair with Faisal one day faisal invited me to their house. And to feed me he brought keema pury (beef and paratha) for me. So, again I couldn’t eat that. He was very sorry for that condition.

At home many times my family cook many things with beef which could be cook by chicken or mutton. Like halim (daal, beef), kabab etc. But many times they didn’t make anything alternative for me so I couldn’t eat those.

Today is my father’s milad mahfeel (prayer arrangements for him). My elder sis arranged Tehary as tobarok (after milad, some food will be distributed). So, again, I have nothing for me. Anyway after every salat I am praying for my dad. I am still weak coz of dengo, so can’t do more.
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