Friday, January 20, 2012

Need good geometric design for international trade fair stall placement

Shafeen (my son) at trade fair 2012

January month became a month of joy of shopping because of International trade fair. Everyday lots of people go there to see new items, old item with good offer, lottery, for business purpose etc. It’s a huge area with lots of stall and pavilions. Everywhere you will find food corner and a place for new born child and mother care. Where moms can breast feeding and change their child’s diaper and also can buy some product for their child’s nutrition. It has a place for blood donation too. Now it has bank and ATM booth too.

But still there are some draws back. Like no matter how hard you try you will never able to see all stall and pavilion. Not because of its size, because of its placing decoration. I think it should had one road moves like zigzag or like snake trace, if you like to follow that road you will be able to visit or at least will walk in front of all stalls and pavilion. Then every stall and pavilion will have fare opportunity.  So, if anyone wants to follow that road can go with it or can go with their own choice.
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