Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Time management

Shafeen and me

Don’t know, when I will ever get enough time for everything, may be after my death, in grove. I could never finish my work as I wanted only because of time. Now even I couldn’t complete online work as I wanted because of time. My son is fully depending on me. So, he is my first priority. Then work. So, I had to wait when he (my son) allows me to work. After my son, my husband’s turn comes, though he don’t say directly about giving him time, but he wants so. And I also agree, as a husband, he deserves attention from his wife. So, I make time for him (including cooking or doing other things for him). Then come my turn. After giving full attention to those people, and trying to do everything perfect for them, does any time remains for me? NO. Allah knows when I could ever manage some time for me too.
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