Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Malaysia: Restaurant and food

Sea food restaurant at Lankawi, Malaysia

I took grape juice at South Indian restaurant at Kualalampur, Malaysia

Borna and raag emon are waiting for food at SouthIndian restaurant at Kulalampur, Malaysia

Borna and Raag emon are tasting food at SouthIndian restaurant Kualalampur, Malaysia

Borna at shopping mall's food court, Kualalampur, Malaysia

Borna, me and Tanveer at a beach restaurant for breakfast, Lankawi, Malaysia

Food from Malaysia.

raag emon and Tanveer

Raag emon and Tanveer at food court at Kualalampur, Malaysia

me, taking breakfast at a beach restaurant at Lankawi, Malaysia

Me at the food court at a shopping mall at Kualalampur, Malaysia

We are giving order for food at South Indian restaurant, Kualalampur, Malaysia

Me, Tanveer and rag emon at the food court at a shopping mall, Kualalampur, Malaysia

Tea, from south Indian restaurant

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