Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Today I just watched the film, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. I liked it very much… I things I liked most are:

1.    Music: music in the movie is great as usual.
2.   Thrilling: all over the movie we were thrilled.
3.  Comedy: with every serious situation there are some comedy… it’s not for comedy, it’s like the real situation.. Which people face unexpectedly.
4.    Mistake by the hero: Nobody is perfect, when heroes made mistakes then again they had to recover.. I like it.
5.    Team work: here only hero isn't doing everything.. whole team has a big role, without one’s effort they couldn't make it work.

Good movie, good acting I like it. Only demerits’ is my son didn't wanted to sit for hours to watch it…
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