Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Shafeen at grandfather's chair (maternal)
 If you are a Bangladeshi or living in India must know about this food. This is a very common food in village. Muri is a rice based food, here rice is fried in sand. Muri is very popular during Ramadan in our country (Bangladesh). Some (or most of) muri business man are adding urea fertilizer (made for farming) in the Muri, to make it look more white and to keep it fresh for long time. This is very unhygienic for human body.

My son loves muri very much. Mostly he liked to pay with it. His dad brought muri from his grandparents home town. Now it became very short cut breakfast for me too. Like today, I just made a mug of tea and now drinking it with muri… breakfast done.

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