Monday, April 2, 2012

Facebook profile picture can be helpful to know how much your spouse loves you (funny post)

Do you know how much your spouse loves you? Well, they will always say, I love you most. Do they really? Let me give you a simple way to understand this. It’s a secret; don’t tell this to your spouse.

Internet always gives you the best solution. So, open your computer. Now look at your spouse’s profile picture at facebook. If your spouse gave a picture of you and them, then they love you. If they post a family picture (you, kid and them) as profile picture, then great… they love the whole family very much.

If they post their picture with your kid, then you must understand, they are not liking you anymore or don’t want to let other know, that you are their spouse. Be careful with this relation.

If they post their own picture (alone) in facebook as a profile picture, then it’s a red alert for you. They love neither your kid nor you. They only love themselves.

Don’t take my post seriously, but you can think about it J
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