Friday, April 20, 2012

Movies, children follow them

My son (3 years old) likes to watch animation movie. He also sometimes likes children’s movie or normal entertaining movie. I try to show him good things in the movie. But he has his own choice. In some cases he took the good one, sometimes he likes to follow the bad one (I think so).

Like, there is an animation movie “Wall E”, it’s about a robot, whose job is to clean the earth. In the Movie my son saw WALL E the hero always keeps things in right place. It has a moving rack where it keeps most of his things. So, my son tried to inherit it. He tried to keep all his toys on the tables, book self, at the top of the ware drop. This is a good habit. At least I can walk on the floor. But it is has a minor problem too. Shafeen (my son) put toys in front of TV on the table. So, after that it’s difficult to use TV remote. I told him many times not to do so, but he didn’t understand the problem.

My son likes the movie “3 idiots” very much. He is a big fan of Rayangshu (not Aamir khan). I told him actually Aamir Khan is Rayanshu, but whenever he sees Amir Khan, starts screaming Rayanshu, Rayanshu. In this movie Rayanshu laughs in front of his friend’s father, by holding hands on his mouth. This attracts Shafeen very well. He tries to laugh like the same way. I told him not to do so… but ..  he likes it.
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